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Prague Portrait and Wedding Photographer Peter Knight has a passion for people and places and Prague is the perfect place to experience both. Prague is an amazing place. The city of 100 spires. So being a Portrait Photographer Prague and a Wedding Photographer Prague is a joy. I tend not to travel anywhere without a camera and have more images of things in and around Prague than I can fit on the walls of my house, in fact I could probably fill those 100 spires!

Being a Wedding Photographer in Prague can take you to some amazing places, there are so many great locations for weddings in and around Prague that you are spoilt for choice. Being a Portrait Photographer in Prague is even easier, Prague is famous for it fantastic beer and infamous for it’s beautiful women, beautiful women make for beautiful Children, so no matter if it’s a family portrait, “memory shots” of your beloved little ones, or a Saucy-Snap-shot for that special man in your life, there is no better place to capture it.

To me photography is about capturing a smile, a look, a gesture. It’s about capturing an instant in time that is worth remembering. Probably my favourite image is the one on this page. Technically this is not the best image I have ever taken. It’s an image of my (then 2 year old) Son. Nothing special about the day that I took it, but it sure is one look, one smile, one gesture that I am so happy that I have and so happy that I can look at any time I feel the need.
I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Prague. I am capable and happy to do the traditional studio style portrait photographer if that is what you are looking for. But as you can see from the photographs on my site, my preferred style is more photo-journalistic. It’s all about getting together and capturing those instances.