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As a Portrait Photographer in Prague, or anywhere for that matter, you get asked certain questions all the time. The 2 most common ones are, as a professional portrait photographer what do you think I should wear. And do you have any tips for me for during the shoot. So I thought I would take a few moments to break out a few tips for you.


Keep your chin up. I mean this literally. People tend to tuck in their chins in photos, creating an unflattering neck wattle. The fix is quite easy, move your forehead toward the camera.This might not feel that natural but from this Prague Portrait Photographer's opinion it is very important. If it is a side on shot, move your ear towards the camera (the one closest to the camera, although I guess the other will follow)

Show your good side. In a lot of cases this will be the side you part your hair on. I do not know why that is, but it just seems to work that way

Have a laugh. It is important to try and relax. Even professional models who will each have their own "signature look" when having their shoots done by a professional photographer, strangle when asked to look "natural". This Prague Portrait Photographer has a few tricks up his sleeves for this one. I will call out a few instructions like smile, or look seductive. Quite often just asking somebody to look seductive is enough of an icebreaker to break the false grin and turn it around into a genuine smile. But if not I go with something out of left field - Look confused! That or something similar will usually do the trick.

Get your hair fixed. If you want your portrait photographs to have that "just stepped out of a salon" look, then it help if you have in fact jut step out of a salon. Of course if you are going for the ruffled, "just got dragged through a hedge backwards" look, then I have a couple of very nice hedges you can borrow.

Fix your colour, if it needs fixing. Again with the hair! I know, but it is important. I would not recommend booking your next hair colour session the day after you portrait photographers are taken

When styling your hair, please don’t try anything new. Go with one of your tried and tested looks. You will feel more confident during the soot and don't run the risk of looking back at the photographers and thinking, "What was I thinking when I tried that look out"

Wear more make-up than you think you need. It is almost as if the camera goes looking for those little imperfection. Well if it does, make it's life as difficult as possible. So, double layers of foundation, use lots-o-powder (shine is bad in photos), and don’t be scared of eye-liner.

Wear something you feel like a million bucks in. I think this one need no further explanation, if you want to look a million bucks, make sure you feel a million bucks. Think about what you would wear on a date night. That is what you should wear. Don’t wear something you wouldn't normally wear – you’ll feel self conscious, and it will reflect in the photos.

Be careful of anything patterned, especially stripes.  Ignoring this suggestion is risky and could have disastrous effects. Plain colours are bests. If you have light hair, go with something dark. If you have dark hair, wear something a little lighter, so your can see where your hair ends and your outfit begins.

And as far as this Portrait Photographer Prague's opinion goes:

Break out your best undies!! Unless it's a boudoir shoot nobody will see them, but you know you are wearing them and you know how they make you feel. So please do not come to have your portrait photographs taken on a wash day.