Children’s Photographer Prague

This is by far the coolest part of my job. Beings a children’s portrait photographer prague is, fun, rewarding, basically cool! There is never a dull moment and each child always has their own little slice of character to bring to the shoot. Taking a great children’s portrait photograph is as much about listening as it is giving direction, if not more so. Talking to your little model is very important, even if they are too young to talk back, it engages them in the shoot, it gets hem involved and gets them looking at you, which in turn means hey are looking a the camera.

Of course the most important thing about taking your little one to a Prague portrait photographer is to remember that you want to capture a special moment, so do not try and fit your portrait photographer into a busy day where you are looking at your watch thinking, “I really need to get going, my hair appointment starts in 15 minutes”! This will reflect in the images you get. Pick a day when you have plenty of time to spare and go there to enjoy the experience even if you are not the subject of any of the portrait photographs yourself

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Seeing as my wife runs a pre-school this type of photography is unavoidable for me, fortunately is is also great fun and very rewarding. They tend not to be so self concious than most adults so getting them to give you a natural smile is much easier. I have in fact just sent to print the yearbook for this year, which is a lot of fun to make. I can not wait to see the results, I hope that the parents like it. Each child has a double page of the photography book dedicated to them, as well as a number of group shots and some various shots from events that have happened throughout the year.


Peter Knight – Children’s Photographer Prague