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Who is the best Prague Wedding Photographer? Well now there is a impossible questions to answer. Photography is a art and like all art is it incredibly subjective. An image that one person loves is another persons idea of a joke. For the most part my wife loves my photographers, but some she just doesn’t get. Usually when I intentionally make a large portion of the image blurred leave just a small section of the image in perfect focus. If done well this can create some really interesting and unique images, but my wife would just say “same it is not in focus”. Well each to their own.


So back to the question in hand, who is the best photographer in Prague? Like most major cities Prague has many amazing photographers, so the question you really need to ask yourself is, who is the best photographer for YOU. The first thing to do of course is to have a look at their images, do you like them? If yes then that is a good place to start. Then I would suggest you talk to them, especially if you are looking at them to take pictures of your wedding ceremony or wedding reception, if not both. It means that you will be spending quite a bit of time together during the day and you need somebody that you feel you can get along with. Use the phone call to create an initial impression and short-list of your  top photographer choices. Then try and get a meeting with them, face to face, if you gel, get, if not move onto the next. It will also be a good time to see if they have any good advice for you (like this;-). Never under estimate picking a photographer that has good advice for you, if he or she is welling to just let you turn up for a photo session without giving you some tips on how to look good you have to question how good you will end up looking. And more importantly how much they care about that

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