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Wedding Photographer Prague’s guild to some of the best Wedding venues in and around Prague. As a wedding photographer in Prague you get to see a lot of places to “tie the knot”. Some good, some great and some, well let’s just say, not so good. So I thought I would do some blog posts about some of the places.

But where to start? Well I guess it would only be right to start here: Zlatá Koruna. Which translates as “Golden Crown”. Why? Well because this is where I got married to my beautiful wife, Hana.

Zlata Koruna is a village in Southern Bohemia, near Český Krumlov. It is quite a small village of about 700 people. In the heart of the village is a beautiful monastery. You couldn’t ask for a better place for the ceremony to take place, you can even take a guided tour of the monastery either before or after. Any Prague Wedding Photographer would love to take a trip out there for the day, there are some great locations in and around the monastery to have your special day recorded and you are only a couple of millimetres away from Český Krumlov, a UNESCO world Heritage Site which in my opinion provides a perfect spot for the after party. If this wasn’t enough, we went with the dates 08-08-08 for the big day!! A date that even my bad memory will find difficult not to remember.

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