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I have entered my recent photobook to a competition, please take the time to vote for the book. You vote by clicking “Tip na CEWE FOTOKNIHU měsíce. Stále můžete hlasovat” when you go to the page below and enter your email address. You will then get an email, just click on the first link in… Read more »

Best Prague Wedding Photographer – The Prague Photographer

Who is the best Prague Wedding Photographer? Well now there is a impossible questions to answer. Photography is a art and like all art is it incredibly subjective. An image that one person loves is another persons idea of a joke. For the most part my wife loves my photographers, but some she just doesn’t get. Usually… Read more »

Portrait and Wedding Photographer Prague – The Album Issue

A Wedding Photographer Prague view on the Traditional wedding Album. Portrait and Wedding Photographer Prague, Peter Knight loves taking pictures, but feels it import to share some other thoughts as well. Does this sound familiar? You go round to visit some newly married friends of yours, you managed to time it just “right” and there wedding album was delivered… Read more »

Wedding Photography Packages – Wedding Photographer Prague

3 Hour Wedding Photographer Prague Package As many wedding photography locations as you’d like. We are with you for up to 3 hours. All your digital files, likely somewhere between 200 and 400+ photographs. Black and white or antique sepia conversion of some of your prints. Beautiful professional retouching using Photoshop on your pictures. We… Read more »

Wedding Photographer Prague – Czech wedding traditions

Many Czech wedding traditions have its origins in the early times of Christianity. Frequent rituals were not to only guarantee happiness and many children, but also to protect against illness, hunger, children’s death as well as against quarrels, hate, and most importantly against the bad spirits or ghosts. Other traditions were merely of a symbolic… Read more »

Portrait Photographer Prague – Holiday Time!

July was Holiday time for me. Croatia, what a beautiful place. And a great chance for me to get my camera out and have some fun with it. Not that being a Portrait Photographer Prague isn’t fun, but your holiday is your holiday and of course you always want to have some nice memories from… Read more »


So here is the new site, this one has this news sections, so I can post new photography session and anything else that might come to mind! I hope you like the site