Portrait Photographer Prague – Holiday Time!

July was Holiday time for me. Croatia, what a beautiful place. And a great chance for me to get my camera out and have some fun with it. Not that being a Portrait Photographer Prague isn’t fun, but your holiday is your holiday and of course you always want to have some nice memories from it. Here are a few images that I thought you might like:

20110825-064725.jpg 20110825-064744.jpg 20110825-064825.jpg 20110825-064847.jpg 20110825-064901.jpg 20110825-064925.jpg 20110825-064938.jpg 20110825-065002.jpg 20110825-065016.jpg 20110825-065027.jpg 20110825-065117.jpg 20110825-065134.jpg 20110825-065149.jpg

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