Portrait and Wedding Photographer Prague – The Album Issue

A Wedding Photographer Prague view on the Traditional wedding Album.

Portrait and Wedding Photographer Prague, Peter Knight loves taking pictures, but feels it import to share some other thoughts as well. Does this sound familiar? You go round to visit some newly married friends of yours, you managed to time it just “right” and there wedding album was delivered only a couple of days ago! This happened to me once, before I became a wedding photographer Prague, and I could not believe my eyes, it took both of them to carry the album into the room. It looked like 4 hardback copies of Lord of the Rings stuck together. There was 1 maybe 2 images on each page and there was a copy of every image taken that day in the book. Of course you can not rush from page to page, so I found a VERY comfortable chair and settled myself in for the evening. I prefer something a little less shocking to pass around. And these Coffee Table Books are just perfect for a Portrait Photographer Prague or a Wedding Photographer Prague to use. I usually go for the 26, 34 or 42 page models. I know 42 pages sounds a lot, but you fly through it. The images are printed on photo paper, so they look great, but the book isn’t very think, so people do not feel so drastically overwhelmed when you take it out for them to look at. Here are a few examples:


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