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Being a Portrait Photographer in Prague, there are a lot of questions you get asked. I thought I would cover one of the popular ones today: What to wear for my portrait photograph?

Here is the short list:

  • Get your hair fixed.
  • Fix your colour, if it needs fixing. 
  • When styling your hair, please don’t try anything new. 
  • Wear more make-up than you think you need.
  • Wear something you feel like a million bucks in.
  • Be careful of anything patterned, especially stripes.
  • Bring more than one outfit


For the men that are reading this, no Lady would need this explaining, yes we do wear our hair. And for most of us it is something that we do not have a choice about if we were it or not (I did have one client were this was one of the decisions he had to make, we took some of each).  We do of cause have a choice as to how to wear it. Any Prague Portrait Photographer will tell you, please do not try anything new, now is really not the time.

I would recommend not wearing patterns or stripes, keep with plain colours. The general rule is if you have light hair, wear something dark, if you have dark hair, wear something lighter. Of course I would also recommend that you bring a couple of outfits. If nothing else it will help make it look like all of these great portrait photographers were not necessarily taken on the same day. In short wear an outfit that makes you feel good. Think of this as a REALLY HOT date. Which brings me to my last and possibly most important point.


And as far as this Portrait Photographer Prague’s opinion goes:

Break out your best undies!! Unless it’s a boudoir shoot nobody will see them, but you know you are wearing them and you know how they make you feel. So please do not come to have your portrait photographs taken on a wash day.


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